The Voter: August 2016

August 24, 2016


League: A Safe Haven from the Political Storm

by Sarah Skinner, VP Programming


Growing up, I was always told that politics weren’t considered a polite topic of conversation.  And my experiences with political discussions seemed to support that. Every time people I knew talked about elections and politicians, they would get mad, and sometimes things would get downright ugly. So as an adult, I tended to avoid politics…completely. Simply put, I ignored politics altogether; I didn’t even vote. While it wasn’t the wisest decision, and certainly not the most responsible in terms of civic duty, I believed it was easier than dealing with all of the polarized conflicts of harsh words and hurt feelings.


And then I discovered the League of Women Voters.


To say that political conversations in the League are different is an understatement. In the League, political discussions are nice. Members are rational, polite, and consid