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Event Speakers

Olivia Oney

Olivia Oney is the Central Ohio Regional Field Manager for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio. Much of her work involves event planning, boosting volunteer engagement, campaign leadership, and general field organizing. She is working very closely with organizers throughout the state in Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, a coalition of statewide reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations working to ensure Ohioans, not the government, have control over their own reproductive freedoms. This coalition is fighting to put a measure on the ballot in November that would enshrine reproductive freedoms in the Ohio Constitution. She will be joining us to share how you can get involved with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio and Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom in the coming months!

Rev. Terry Williams

Rev. Terry Williams (he/him) is an Ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ, currently serving as pastor of a congregation in Chillicothe. A native of southern Appalachian Ohio, he is active in ecumenical and social justice movements across the greater Ohio region that center the voices of marginalized persons in the determination of their own future.

Educated at Ohio Wesleyan University and The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Rev. Williams has earned a B.A. in Religion; a M.Div. with a specialization in biblical languages and texts; and a MTS degree with an emphasis in Christian Theology and Ethics. Interpreting the Bible with special attention to the ethical, moral, and social implications of a religious reading of scripture, Rev. Williams gives voice to religious values that honor both science and sacred text as important sources of moral authority. He is committed to uniting strong theological conviction with deep spiritual experiences in ways which transform, heal, and empower people to live meaningful lives for the benefit of God’s whole creation.

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Debra Nickles

Debra M. Nickles is an Associate Professor of Instruction teaching undergraduate courses in English and WGSS (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies) at Ohio University Chillicothe. Debra is also the Director of the OUC Writing Center, a campus learning space known fondly as The Fishbowl. Here, she facilitates tutoring across the curriculum, develops writing workshops, and advises student projects. Her primary publications include Unlearning: Challenging Assumptions about Women, Gender, and Sexuality, an eReader through Kendall Hunt Publishing with Dr. Lisa Wallace as lead author. Debra serves OUC in leadership roles and committee work, but she finds keeping students actively engaged in building new futures tremendously rewarding. She offers an online, hybrid WGSS class titled “Reproductive Rights, Politics, and Justice” that seeks to understand and critique contemporary sexual and reproductive issues.

Bartow Henshaw


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