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Welcome to the Chillicothe/Ross League of Women Voters!


You are now part of a nationwide, trusted, non-partisan league of men and women, born from the struggle for women to get the vote. Our mission is to make democracy work through education, advocacy and action on important issues that face our local community. Our local League website is, where you will find meeting information, events happening, and more. We are further connected to our state League at and our national at We are over 700+ Leagues across America and have long been a reliable source for information on public policy issues and concerns. Look here for the truth.

As the Membership Chair, I am available for you by email at or by cell at 740-703-8636. We meet the last Tuesday of each month from September to May.


As a member, many opportunities are open for you to:


Be an informed and active citizen in your community, state, and nation.


Find your passion. Are you concerned about voting rights, global warming, the future of education? Whatever your focus, you are now part of a group backed by research not mere opinion. You can join a committee or create your own.


Interested in running for an office? Many of our leaders started here. You will have unlimited options to learn procedures for fair discussions, to speak publicly, and to air your own opinions.


Want to know about our community? Join our Observer Corps. As part of our Sunshine project, members go together to area meetings to make sure the public is aware of the important decisions that our elected leaders are discussing.


We value your mind. We know you came to join us to learn and to grow. We celebrate your talents.

We also support your actions when the time is right.


Research, advocacy, and action create a better, healthier community.


Below are parts of what your local league has accomplished:


  • Hosts a yearly Candidates Night to showcase local offices and issues.

  • Helped save recycling in the city of Chillicothe.

  • Instrumental in creating the Chillicothe Law Complex and the birth of the Child Protection Center.

  • Facilitated Town Meetings on crucial topics and financed renowned speakers on issues such as Human Trafficking, Gerrymandering and Health Equity.

  • Currently, our ERA committee is working nationally to make sure this legislation is passed, giving women equal protection under the law.

  • Our Natural Resources committee is active in the steps to designate Paint Creek as a National Scenic area, opening possibilities to strengthen our community as a competitor for the National Heritage Destination as well as preserving our diverse natural environment.


So, we need you! There is a lot of work to do.  Please send an email to to connect with me. I look forward to connecting with you!

--Dawn Zarbakhsh, Vice-President Membership

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