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Voter Service

The Voter Service Committee registers voters, gathers information about candidates for community distribution, and disseminates voter education information at public events. One such event is Candidates' Night, which happens in the fall each year (pandemics notwithstanding). 


Some committee members will follow legislation which impacts voting access. This year members will work to educate the public about upcoming redistricting maps and the importance of citizen involvement.

If you are interested in assisting with the Voter Service Committee please send an email to

Upcoming Voter Services
Volunteer Opportunities

The Voter Service Committee of the Chillicothe Ross League of Women Voters has several volunteer opportunities!

April 15 the Earth Day Gathering at the Pump House from 11 AM to 6:30 PM

The Natural Resources Committee and Voter Service will host a table. Beth Workman also is circulating a request for volunteers.

April 18 at Paper City Coffee from 4 PM to 5 PM  

"Bring Out the Best" is a program sponsored by the Paper City Mentoring Project. Our League will present Voting as an Essential Life Skill.  This event is a good opportunity to connect with teens.

Other Voter Service Activities:

Vote 411

Bart and Stacy will meet on April 6 to begin putting this voter education piece together for the upcoming local elections.

For more information, please email   

Add "VOTER SERVICE" in the subject line and in the body text request to connect with Bart Henshaw. Also, please include any additional information you wish to share. Thank you.

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