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Candidates' Night Forum

Candidates' Forum is an informative and successful event providing attendees an opportunity to hear from and interact with local, regional, and possibly state candidates. It's free to attend. Before elections, updates to this page will be available with future event dates. This year's event was a huge success. 

Additionally, our local League supports using the national online voter guide. All of the candidates who were invited to attend our live event, also are invited to provide information and answer questions for voters to then read anytime at .

If you are registered to vote in Ohio, another resource to learn more about your candidates, is to enter your name on the Ross County Board of Elections website at: Voter Lookup - Ross , Ohio.  If you are not registered to vote in Ross County, Ohio, search for your county and then use the voter lookup tool: Welcome – Online Voter Registration – Ohio Secretary of State (

Anyone interested in volunteering for this event is welcome to send a request to connect and to support the League by emailing:

Thank you for your interest in responsible voting!

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