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Farewell to
Public Exhibit: October 1 - 31 at Northside Library

Join us for the Opening Reception on October 1st from 2-4

Several popular Ghost Walk locations are now available as a Mobile Guided Tour through the Chillicothe Visitor's Bureau 

As the first Capital of Ohio, the city of Chillicothe boasts a rich and storied history filled with romance, drama, humor, and adventure. All these tales live on in the memory of buildings that still stand today. 

For nine years, the Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters hosted an annual Ghost Walk to draw attention to the History and Mystery of Downtown Chillicothe, giving people a peek back into the past to catch a glimpse (or maybe even a ghostly apparition) of the sometimes extraordinary lives that shaped our Great State.

This year, we lay the popular fundraiser to rest with an exhibit at the Northside Library throughout the month of October. Come relive the memories of Ghost Walk all this month in the Meyers Room of the Northside Public Library.

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