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Thank you to all who came to Ghost Walk 2015!

As the first Capital of Ohio, the city of Chillicothe boasts a rich and storied history filled with romance, drama, humor, and adventure. All these tales live on in the memory of buildings that still stand today. The Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voter's annual Ghost Walk is your chance to take a peek back into the past and catch a glimpse (or maybe even a ghostly apparition) of the sometimes extraordinary lives that shaped our Great State.


Visit a series of unique locations on a walking tour through downtown Chillicothe and listen to well-researched tales from the past along with some interesting present-day experiences that can’t be fully explained.


Whether it’s the chill down your spine as you step through an old door (did a spirit just brush past?), or the rational thrill of literally walking through the halls of history, the stories that unfold during each year’s Ghost Walk are sure to capture your imagination and leave you breathless for more.

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