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A showcase of talent from Ross County in three Rounds:

  1. Open YouTube video submissions accepted through 

  2. Live performances at a local venue will be recorded and put online for public voting

  3. Finalists perform at a main event at the Majestic Theatre on Saturday, April 6th

  • Is the League only for women?
    Not at all! The League welcomes everyone – male or female – to either join as a member or to simply attend meetings and Programs to learn more about issues facing our local, state, and national communities.
  • If anyone can join, why is it called the League of “Women” Voters?"
    The organization was founded in 1920 as a way to help women navigate a world of political discussion and activity to which they’d previously been denied. Over the years, the focus has shifted to keeping everyone – not just women – informed about political topics. The name isn’t likely to change, however, because the League is still run primarily by women and maintains active advocacy of women’s issues in politics. After all, half the population is female, yet women currently make up only about 20% of Congress; we’d love to see that number become more balanced and the only way that will happen is if women – and supportive men – are politically aware and involved.
  • Is the League a “liberal” or “conservative” group?
    While our individual members run the full spectrum of political alignments and perspectives, the League itself is a completely non-partisan organization; offering neither support nor opposition to any political candidate or party. Instead, the League focuses on issues. We study, research, and analyze data to offer rational, balanced solutions to problems that affect our nation, our states, and our local communities. Learn more about the concerns the League is currently tackling at
  • So what does the League do, exactly?"
    Our biggest focus is on voter education; a government run “by the people, for the people”, only functions when “the people” are informed and active. To that end, we work to register new voters, to protect the rights of voters, and to present a civil discourse on often thorny topics. We want voters to feel confident when they get to the polls so everything we do really centers on that goal. Our Programs focus on relevant issues and are designed to both educate and (hopefully) inspire action.
  • What benefit is there to joining the League?
    If you want to help enact change in the community, the League is the place to be. Being a member of the League can connect you with others who are dedicated to improving our community. There are numerous volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and talents. Our Programs examine and address a variety of issues that directly impact Chillicothe and Ross County, and our members are at the forefront of solving local problems. ​ The League is also a great place to learn about politics, government, research, fundraising, and so much more. Skills learned through volunteering and participating in League activities can be helpful on both personal and professional levels.
  • How much does it cost to join the League?
    Regular membership is $75* per year. This covers membership dues for all three levels of League: local, state, and national. If you are interested in joining but can’t afford dues, let us know – assistance may be available. *Students may join for only $5 a year.
  • When must dues be paid?
    New members pay upon joining, and dues thereafter are renewable from May through August. Dues for the upcoming year must be paid by September 1st.
  • Why do you charge a fee to be a member?
    The State and National League is staffed by full-time employees who work very hard to research issues, write reports, and lobby Congress for changes that benefit all citizens. The people who do all this work have bills to pay to like everyone else, so membership dues, along with donations, ensure they are able to do their work for the League and keep a roof over their heads.
  • How do I join?
    Both online and printable applications can be found here.

I understand that this competition is a FUNDRAISER for the League of Women Voters, and that my participation in the event is not in any way an offer of representation from a talent agency, that I am not being paid for a performance, or being hired in any capacity.  - ADDITIONAL COPY NEEDED


This competition is a fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting the Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters. 

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