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Being an active participant in our democracy means knowing who we've elected to work for us and holding them accountable to do what is best for our communities. The list provided here is divided into Federal and State government levels.

Federal Legislators

Representing Ross County & Ohio in the United States Congress

Federal Legislators are in charge of writing laws that affect the entire country. Each state has two Senators who represent the entire state, and a number of House Representatives determined by the population of the state. Ohio currently has 16 Representatives, with Ross county gerrymandered into two separate districts: District 2, and District 15. The map below can help you determine which District you are in.

State of Ohio Legislative Branch

Representing Ross County in the Ohio Congress

State Legislators are in charge of writing laws that affect the State of Ohio. Both the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate are divided into districts. Like with the Federal House Districts, Ross county is gerrymandered into two separate State House districts: 91 and 92. All of Ross county is in Senate District 17

State of Ohio Executive Branch

Members of the Executive Branch are in charge of carrying out the laws written by the State Legislature. 

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