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The Voter: August 2014



Ever since the Hyatt Palma study conducted for the revitalization of downtown Chillicothe, the League of Women Voters has supported this important cause. If we are to gain a World Heritage status all of us in both city and county would win. Each year our main fundraiser: Ghost Walk, besides raising money for our important work continues to help our downtown. We have had up to 750 participants. This year is no different.

The committee planning Ghost Walk comprising our President Bart Henshaw our Marketing Chair Sarah Skinner and myself is moving right along. If you want to see some strange experiences I personally faced, go to my face book page and see my photo posted on 7/22. Spooky Stuff is already happening! We have our sites chosen and our main focus this year we call: Layers of History and Mystery.

The Heartland Conservancy group, one of the players responsible for moving us in the direction of a World Heritage designation, will be stationed at the Majestic. They will showcase our county as the most important spiritual and historic area during the same time period as ancient Rome.

The Ohio World Heritage Opportunity...

Earning inscription on the World heritage list is the highest international honor possible for a heritage site. The following historic sites in Ohio have been accepted onto the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List for consideration by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee:

Newark Earthworks in Licking County (Ohio Historical Society) *

Hopewell Cultural National Historical Park in Ross County (National Park Service) *

Fort Ancient Earthworks in Warren County (Ohio Historical Society) *

Serpent Mound in Adams County (Ohio Historical Society)

Dayton Aviation Sites in Montgomery County (National Park Service)

* Part of the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks nomination and included in the economic impact findings below.

World Heritage designation brings not only international recognition, but huge increases in international and domestic tourism and job creation.

The Economic Opportunity...

The BaxStarr Consulting Group of Chicago’s study forecasts the expected economic activity and associated tax revenue impacts for Ohio.

Key findings include:

The World Heritage designation, coupled with additional investments, would significantly increase tourism to Ohio by about 200,000 visitors annually. An estimated 10 percent of those visitors would be international. This would result in about $56 million to incremental direct spending, $80 million in total spending increases, growing to about $100 million annually after five years. The initial financial impacts would create $21 million in additional annual wages in Ohio and over $5 million in annual state and local tax revenues.

Case studies have found that tourism can increase anywhere from double to 10-fold (such as at the Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site in Illinois), generating increased spending in the economy.

Visitation to the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks sites would draw heavily from what are defined as cultural/heritage tourists. A study of this market niche shows that they spend about 50 percent more than the average traveler, largely as a result of longer stays in an area.

This information was provided to the Chamber by Melody Young Executive Director of the Ross Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau. Go to to see the website for further information!

Committee Reports

Ghost Walk


Dawn Zarbakhsh (Chair), Bart Henshaw, Sarah Skinner

WE NEED ALL LEAGUE MEMBERS ON Board; Coordinate a building (gather volunteers, hand out info be boss of one site), storytellers (those with a theatrical flair, tell the history and mystery in your own star fashion), gate keepers (herd visitors and be helpful to ticket buyers), League Founders (represent League at Schlegels and sit), Street players (be a character from history).

E-mail , Facebook, or call either Bart Henshaw, Sarah Skinner, or me!

WE NEED YOU and...I Want you!

So hurry up and get Ghostly!

Call Dawn at 642-3366 or e-mail

This year Civic Theater is moving and cannot provide costumes. Please be looking through your closets for any old hats, skirts and possible costumes.

Voter Services

Vote buttons on flag

​Sharon Verhoff (Chair), Dawn Zarbakhsh and all League members.

Sharon Verhoff has announced her retirement from a long successful career teaching. Don’t forget to congratulate Sharon! Her passionate approach to learning is channeled this year into her role as Voter Services Chair for the League. Important changes, which are highly controversial have been made by the current party in power to voting accessibility. Another local women’s organization, the American Association of University Women has joined us in their concerns. Therefore we are joining with AAUW on August 26th at 7pm in the Child Development Center at OUC to bring together the leaders of all Ross County organizations to learn about voting. The goal is to educate the community heads on new voting rules. Sharon has dubbed this critical meeting: Pathway to the Poll.


Pathway to the Poll

Tuesday August 26th

7:00 pm

at the OUC Child Development Center

All members welcome! Join us and spread the word. We need a few members to bring an appetizer with you.

Human Trafficking

Exotic Dancer

Cheryl Richards (Chair), Kim Hardesty, Michelle May, and Samantha Rearley

The State League of Women Voters is working with Legislators to pass new bills that target the johns or buyers of sexual trafficking. In August, our League Human Trafficking committee member Samantha Rearley will join the Ross Coalition against Human Trafficking in a training session discussing new developments regarding this critical local issue.

Natural Resources

Muddy Stream

Denise Ruby, Liz Gibbons Camp, Kim Hardesty and Kathy Spencer

This committee is working on our October program focusing on the impact of agriculture on water quality. They are looking at new legislation and problems recently found in the Toledo area. Anyone interested in environmental study is welcome.

One of the projects that has come from this committee’s good works is the Community Garden located at 100 Walnut Street. Members Bill Showman and Pam McGinnis have provided the labor and supplies to grow tomatoes, corn, beans and melons. They would like to add a fall crop in mid August so if you would like to help contact Bill or Pam.

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