The Voter: November 2016

Notes from Bart Henshaw - League President

by Bart Henshaw, President

Do you remember any election cycle so full of rancor and suspense? Several friends have compared the 2016 Presidential election to a television series. The work of League is to stay above the drama and to educate voters about all candidates and to lobby against voter suppression. How proud we were that our Chillicothe Gazette advised voters to use the website Judicial Votes Count to learn about candidates for the Supreme Court and other races. How proud we are to know that our state League helped maintain early voting hours and other Leagues have been successful in turning back barriers to voting. There are many times this year that we have been complimented for the non-partisan information and the process that keeps League impartial and respected. Many thanks to all our foremothers and fathers for crafting a process that maintains civility.


Upcoming Events:

The Election is Over, Now What?

Nov.9, 1:00 pm - Schlegel’s

Join us for coffee and conversation as we discuss where we go from here now that the chaos of the election is finally over. Whether you want to vent, plan, relax, or cry, you can do it among friends who will respect your choices and perspective.

Primary Election Systems

Nov. 29, 7:00 pm - Northside Library

At the 2015 LWV Ohio convention, delegates approved a study of primary election systems. We will be reviewing a Study Guide & Consensus Questions prepared by the PES Study Committee and discussing our responses, which must be submitted by January 31, 2017

League Holiday Party

Dec. 10, 2:00 pm4971 Mount Tabor Rd.

Our Christmas Social and Auction will be from 2 to 4 on Saturday, at Cheryl Richard’s home. We are trying some different meeting times and structures to meet the needs of various members, especially those that don’t drive in the dark!


Help needed! Volunteer Call and Donation Request!

While an official fund-raiser to replace Ghost Walk has not yet been finalized, we still need to bring in money to fund League programs and educational efforts. To that end, we will be providing gift wrapping services at Bernie & Max in downtown Chillicothe during the holiday shopping season.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need people who enjoy the following activities:

  • wrapping presents

  • writing gift tags (neatly)

  • interacting with the community

We could also use donations of the following supplies:

  • ribbon

  • bows

  • tissue

  • wrapping paper

  • scissors

  • boxes

  • tape

  • sorting baskets/hampers

  • tags

  • Post it notes

  • pens/markers

If you are available to help on any of these days or can donate any of the listed supplies, please send an e-mail to or contact Bart at 740-773-6702 with the days and times you would like to help.

Dates and times needed: