The Voter: April 2016

All members need to read this issue! New officers and new topics for 2016-2017 will be voted on during our Annual Dinner. We need your vote!

Thoughts from the President: 2015-2016 In the last year we have been complimented and recognized for our community leadership and civic engagement. Our members have been writers, researchers, presenters and liaisons to various community organizations. We should be proud of our work on Candidates’ Night, Ghost Walk, The Drug Expo and coordinating with the Gazette on the Five to Thrive goals of community improvement. As the year comes to an end there is always the question, “Did we do enough? Are we providing members with the intellectual and social activities that they want? How can we learn more and have fun at the same time?” While planning the Drug Expo a representative from the State Mental Health Department exclaimed that she had never seen a civic group more “spot on” in community activism. We hope that you agree that your League is involved in making Ross County a stronger community.

One of our board members wrote an excellent letter about “Why League?” in which she asks if the organization continues to be relevant in almost 100 years after women won the right to vote. If you realize that a very small percentage of the elected leadership if female and women are still fighting for equal pay. I quote, “It’s not enough to be engaged, women need to also become INVOLVED - not just in voting, but in the political process itself.”

League is a unique place where the process of nominating a president is discussed and questioned. We have Leagues across the state studying the primary process. That is certainly timely.

League is a unique place where small groups fight for years to change the way districts are drawn and to rid the state of unfair “gerrymandering”. Finally we won part one of that battle in November and hope to see changes in the process of drawing districts for federal elections soon.

League is a unique place where thinking people can have timely conversations without rancor. Thank you for being a part of a productive year and thank you for helping your League move forward next year to better meet your needs and to help Ross County be a better place to live.

Annual Dinner When: Tuesday May 24. Gathering at 5:30, dinner at 6:00 Where: Carlisle Building Cost: $15 per person.

If you bring a guest the cost for that person will be $7.50 and our League will pick up the balance. This is a good opportunity to bring someone that you think might be interested in joining the group.

Reservation Deadline: May 15, 2016 Please contact either Mary Martin at 740-772-2186 or Bart Henshaw at 740-773-6702 to RSVP

Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting A must read for our upcoming annual meeting. Submitted by our former Secretary Cheryl Richards.

Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters

Annual Meeting 5/26/15

5:30pm - 6:00 pm Registration and Gathering

6:00pm – President Bart welcomed everyone to our annual meeting. Dinner was served.

Sarah Skinner presented the proposed program topics for 2015-2016. Sarah spoke on the Five to Thrive which is being presented by the Chillicothe Gazette. All members have until June 15, 2016 to sign up for a committee. Sign up sheets are on the table for everyone who would like to be on a committee.

Secretary Report:

  • Motion to approved: Mary Martin

  • Seconded by: Sharon Verhoff

  • Motion carried by unanimous affirmation

Treasurer Report:

  • Motion to approved: Nancy King

  • Seconded by: Fran Brown

  • Motion carried by unanimous affirmation

Committee Report:

  • Voter Services (Sharon Verhoff): Pathways to the Polls was a great success this year. Information was taken to the schools and libraries. If you are interested in working with voter services, please let Sharon know.

Board Nominations for 2015-2016:

  • President (2 yr) : Bart Henshaw

  • 1st VP Program (2 yr): Sarah Skinner

  • 2nd VP Membership (1 yr): Cheryl Richards

  • Secretary (2 yr): NEEDED

  • Voter Service Chair (2 yr): Sharon Verhoff

Board Nominations for 2015-2016

New offices are open this year and our structure is a board driven organization. The following positions are up for election for this year.

  • 2nd Vice President: Membership - This position grows our League and this officer recruits members.

  • Treasurer - Mary Martin has served for many terms and is resigning her pencil. This person keeps our books in balance and is responsible for our monies.

  • Secretary - Keeps crucial notes and information for members, and records board meeting busin