The Voter: 2017 Annual Meeting

May 28, 2017

President’s Message

Does the world seem more complicated today? A friend commented to me last week that she has decided to stop participating in Facebook, watching television or reading the newspaper. Indeed we all need refuge from the craziness, and relaxation is key to mental and physical health, but turning off is not an option for most people. Suddenly aware citizens are asking about our candidates, what news sources to trust,  why do primaries often not yield desirable candidates, how did big money get to be such an integral part of elections???? League members know the answers to some of those questions and they know sources to find other information, there’s never been a better time to belong to League.


Annual Dinner

When:  Tuesday May 23.
Gathering at 5:15, dinner at 6:00

Where: 17 East the Restaurant

Cost:  $17 per person

Menu: Italian Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread

If you bring a guest the cost for that person will be $8.50 and our League will pick up the balance.  

This is a good opportunity to bring someone that you think might be interested in joining the group.

Reservation Deadline: May 15, 2016 
RSVP to Bart Henshaw at


Membership Dues for 2016-17

Many members choose to pay their dues in May at the annual dinner.  Our membership is open from May until the end of September.    

In addition to the Annual Dinner, dues can be also paid online with a credit card through our website, or via mailed check to the Vice President of Membership whose address will be posted in the Members area of the website once that position is filled.


League Business


Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting - May 24, 2016

A must read for our upcoming annual meeting. Submitted by our former Secretary Sharon Steinhoff.

Bart introduced guests in attendance and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Mike Throne, Guest Speaker, gave a presentation/recap of the Chillicothe Gazette’s Five to Thrive program.  

He said the Gazette asked various people and organizations in the community, “What can we do to help our community get better?,” with regard to drug problems in the community.  That is how they came up with five key areas for the program:

  • Closing skills gap

  • Creating drug free workplaces

  • How do we get Chillicothe to believe?

  • Develop the next generation of leaders

  • Increasing education as a priority