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The Voter: May 2018 Annual Meeting


Dues will continue at $55.00 and are being accepted from now to September 30. You can pay via PayPal by visiting our website or Liz will be glad to take your check at the annual meeting.

STUDENTS ARE NOW $5.00 If you are a student or know someone that might want to join, let them know. According to our By-Laws members must be age 18.

Sub-Committees from the “Where Have all the Voters Gone” project will meet over the summer to complete goals set in March. There are some really great ideas here and we need lots of input. If you work with any student groups that want to get involved in civics activities, let us know.

Annual Dinner

When: Monday May 21. Gather at 5:30, dinner at 6:00

Where: The Dock at Water - 80 E Water St, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Menu: Use the enclosed page to make your selections and bring it to the dinner to give to our server.

You can also relay your food preference by calling call Sarah Skinner at 740-779-0804

This is a great opportunity to bring someone that you think might be interested in joining the League of Women Voters. Members who bring a guest may submit a copy of their receipt to the League to be reimbursed for half the cost of the guest’s dinner.

Minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting

May 23, 2017 at 17 East Restaurant in Chillicothe, OH

6:00 welcome from current president Bart Henshaw followed by a dinner buffet

6:40 Business meeting began with the approval of the minutes from May 2016 (motion Sharon Verhoff/ second Ruth Tootle)

The proposed budget for 2017 -18 was presented by Liz Gibbons-Camp and discussed. The budget depends on a fund raising project in the fall of 2017 which will yield about $2000.

Budget approved (motion Dawn Zarbakhsh; second Kit Kinnamon)


Community Action Report by Betsy Moore League Representative

Community Conversations initiative Courtney Kinnamon

Fair Districts Petition Drive to end Gerrymandering for Federal elections:Ruth Tootle

Voter Service report: Sharon Verhoff

Program Proposal conversation led by Sarah Skinner: Voting Barriers in Appalachia and

Understanding Rural Voters received the top votes. This will now be the theme of programming in 2017-18

Fund Raising Project:

Sarah Skinner explained the gift wrapping project for November and December of 2017. Volunteers will be needed for four Saturdays and other days deemed most popular for downtown shoppers

Election of Officers: The proposed slate was approved:

Bart Henshaw and Sarah Skinner as co-presidents

Heather Hansford as Vice President Program

Tammy Simkins as Secretary

Ruth Tootle will serve as a member at-large

Speaker: Teri Minney the coordinator of the “Heroine Partnership Alliance” spoke about the successes and challenges of multiple agencies working to address the heroine epidemic.

League Business

Budget Proposal July 2018 - June 2019


PMP: $55 per member

Fundraising: $1000

Auction: $200

Donations: $200


State and national dues: $55 per member

($25 State, $30 National)

Fundraiser expenses: $ unknown

Website cost and maintenance: $165

Voter services: Candidates’ Night

Sound: $300

Food and decorations: $0 (donated)

Publicity and printed materials: $175

Publications and Committee support: $50

(flyers, handouts for meetings or public benefit)

Annual dinner:

Paying ½ the cost for guests: $100

Decorations: $0 (donated)

Speaker: $ (cost of dinner)


Kick off event: $100

“Scholarship” Fund: $100

Liability insurance: $300

Statehouse Day/Convention: $100

Charitable Fund: $100

(Contributions to groups that support League positions and are involved in community outreach on voter education)

Total projected income: $1400

(TY income: $271 through May 1)

Total projected expenses: $1390

(TY expenses: $1260 through May 1)

In order to cover our local expenses for the year, we will be asking for your support in developing and running a fundraiser this year.

Some fundraiser ideas include:

  • Sell coffee/hot chocolate at Halloween Parade?

  • Mystery Dinner in the new year?

  • Sign up as an Amazon smile recipient?

  • Paint & Sip event?

  • Cake Auction?

  • Ice Cream Social/root beer float day?

  • Put together and sell a community cookbook?

  • Hold a Trivia Night?

  • Sell merchandise related to 100th anniversary of 19th amendment?

Thank you for the time and money that all of you contribute to the important work our League does in our community.

Election of Officers for 2018-20

Vice President Membership nominees:

Cheryl Richards

Tammy Simkins

Treasurer nominees:

Liz Gibbons-Camp

2019 Nominating Committee

We need to select a person to chair the nominating committee for 2019-20 that is not a Board member. The offices up for 2019 include President, First Vice President of Program and Secretary.

Vote on Bylaws change

Article VI Section 1

Change the fiscal year to January 1 to December 31


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