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The Voter: 2019 Annual Meeting


Dues will continue at $55.00 and are being accepted from now to October 30. We are also asking members to consider making a bit of a contribution to our local League if possible.

You can pay via PayPal by visiting our website or Liz will be glad to take your check at the annual meeting.

STUDENTS ARE STILL $5.00 If you are a student or know someone that might want to join, let them know.


Annual Dinner 2019


Tuesday May 21, 2019

Dinner at 6:00 pm

Doors open at 5:30 pm


First Presbyterian Church

13 Mead Dr, Chillicothe


Taco Bar $10

RSVP (call or text) to Bart Henshaw: 740-703-3405


Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting

May 21, 2018 at The Dock at Water in Chillicothe, OH

Prepared by Tammy Simkins

Board Members Present: Bart Henshaw, co-president; Heather Hansford, 1st Vice-President - Program; Cheryl Richards, 2nd Vice-President - Membership; Liz Gibbons-Camp, Treasurer; Tammy Simkins, Secretary

“Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future”

About seventeen people gathered at the Dock at Water on May 21, 2018 for the Chillicothe/Ross County, Ohio League of Women Voters annual meeting. Guests purchased their own food and enjoyed a lovely evening celebrating League’s Past, Present, and Future and making plans for the upcoming year. Brief history items of national, state, and local League adorned the tables.

Bart called the meeting to order, led the pledge, and welcomed the guests.

Speaker - Margie Planton:

Margie is organizing archives for Chillicothe/Ross League and shared some of the fascinating gems she discovered on her treasure hunt through Ross County - 5 scrapbooks have been located, a list of past League presidents and members who held elected office is being compiled: Chillicothe/Ross LWV formed in 1927. A picture of the founding women was found as well as agendas very similar to ours today. Noted was work on Juvenile Justice from 1969 - 1972 (also was involved in Rowton Ranch in 1951), Environmental Issues - land conservation and recycling in 1973, libraries in the 1980’s, The Halloween Parade, United Nations’ events, Meet The Candidates Night (at one point 1,500 LWV Candidate Bulletins were included in The Chillicothe Gazette, a bomb threat was recorded in 1983), monetary support for the Equal Rights Amendment was recorded back to the 1970’s, The League’s Newsletter “The Voter” dates back to the 1950’s.

Ruth Tootle toasted the victory of Issue 1 - Fair Districts passage. This is a huge win for the League as this has been worked on for decades.

Business Meeting

  • Approved 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes: Betsy Moore Moved, Jeff Spencer 2nd - All in Favor

  • Approved Proposed 2018-2019 Annual Budget Submitted by Liz Gibbons-Camp: Betsy Moore Moved, Queen Lester 2nd - All in Favor

  • Approved Bylaw Change: Article VI Section 1 - Fiscal Year to Jan. 1 - Dec. 1. Jeff Spencer moved. Heather Hansford 2nd - All in Favor.

  • Election of Officers for 2018-2020: Treasurer - Liz Gibbons-Camp; Vice-President Membership - Cheryl Richards. Jeff Spencer moved. Heather Hansford 2nd - All in Favor.

Reports & Announcements

  • Betsy Moore, League’s Community Action representative, reported that Community Action’s new location is better and safer. Early Childhood Development Program Committee (Headstart) is very impressive and have speakers available. Blessing Boxes filled with food items for community members in need are located throughout Chillicothe and are proving successful.

  • Cheryl Richards, V.P. Membership, reported that a membership drive is needed and emphasized the positivity of how members of the League work together - even when they do not agree with each other.

  • Bart Henshaw - “Where Have All The Voters Gone” Program: Voting Education and Participation Encouragement. Groups with League members and community members forming to work on specific areas such as “Why Vote” posters, soundbites for the radio, organizing transportation for rides to the polls, small group conversations.

  • Bart Henshaw announced The State League Board is forming a Speakers Bureau

  • Ruth Tootle announced she is interested in donating to the League through an estate sale she will be having.

  • Tammy Simkins reported that the Equal Rights Amendment is still gaining momentum with 2 more states to go to ratify and work on the Congressional Legislation to remove the deadline for ratification being pushed.

  • Heather Hansford led the 2018-2019 Program Topic discussion with “Programs to Actions” being the approach. Some topics were environment, “Me Too”, Electoral College, Equal Rights Amendment.

Other Items

  • An E.R.A. ad-hoc committee was started

  • Kathleen Burgess attended the meeting on behalf of Sharon Verhoff to announce that she (Sharon) nominated Bart Henshaw for a Jefferson Award for her years of dedicated public service.

  • Queen Lester was presented with a plaque as a Lifetime Member of League for her 50 years of membership. Queen, an Oklahoma native, moved to Chillicothe 63 years to work at the V.A. Queen told us that at the time, the Chillicothe V.A. was one of the two locations she would be accepted as a black woman. We are so blessed that she moved to Chillicothe and joined League.

  • Fran Brown was recognized. Fran passed away in January and would have also received the Lifetime Membership Award this year. She will be sorely missed and always appreciated for her years of dedication to League.



Budget Proposal July 2019 - June 2020


PMP: $55 per member

Fundraising: $1000

Auction: $200

Donations: $200


State and national dues: $55 per member

($25 State, $30 National)

Fundraiser expenses: $ unknown

Website cost and maintenance: $165

Voter services: Candidates’ Night

Sound: $300

Food and decorations: $0 (donated)

Publicity and printed materials: $175

Publications and Committee support: $50

(flyers, handouts for meetings or public benefit)

Annual dinner:

Paying ½ the cost for guests: $100

Decorations: $0 (donated)

Speaker: $ (cost of dinner)


Kick off event: $100

“Scholarship” Fund: $100

Liability insurance: $300

Statehouse Day/Convention: $100

Charitable Fund: $100

(Contributions to groups that support League positions and are involved in community outreach on voter education)

Total projected income: $1400

Total projected expenses: $1390

Thank you for the time and money that all of you contribute to the important work our League does in our community.


Election of Officers for 2019-21

President nominees:

  • NONE

Vice President Program nominees:

  • Tammy Simkins

Secretary nominees:

  • Patrice Hussey

Voter Service nominees:

  • Sarah Skinner

2020 Nominating Committee

We need to select a person to chair the nominating committee for 2020-21 that is not a Board member. The offices up for 2020 include Vice President Membership and Treasurer


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